Spring 2017

One Mission: Local

Winter 2017

one mission

Winter 2016

The Time is Now

Fall 2016

The uphill call of Christ

Summer 2016

One Mission

Spring 2016

Will the Church be the Church?

Spring 2015

God's Story

Spring 2014


Spring 2013

Together With One Voice

Spring 2012

Discipleship: Life on Life

Fall 2015

Living the Story of Hope

Winter 2014

Celebrating God's Timing

Fall 2014

Training: Are you making healthy disciples?

Winter 2013

Living Mission Everywhere

Fall 2013

The Beauty of Christ’s Bride

Winter 2012


Fall 2012

Planting Faith Communities

Summer 2015

Entering God's Story

Summer 2014

Proclaiming the Gospel

Summer 2013


Summer 2012

Missions for All Generations