Santa Cruz County has 260,000 residents. This coastal area is filled with people very interested in spirituality but few believe that Christ alone is Savior. People are very upbeat, positive, and easy going. Santa Cruz has been nicknamed “Surf City” and is world re-known for surfing. It has a well-published history of counter-cultural movements. Santa Cruz is a unique mix of high tech and hippie-era values. These dynamics make it an interesting city.

San Jose is the 3rd largest city in CA and the 10th largest city in the USA. There are 971,372 residents in this multi-cultural city. Hispanics make up 35.5% of the city, Asians are 31.5%, and Caucasians are 28.0%. Only 45% of homes speak English as their primary language. San Jose is home to many high tech companies and is part of “Silicon Valley.” Apple, Microsoft, Seagate, and many other high tech companies call the Bay Area “home.”

SOAR led me to a place of finding healing in my life, but also broke my heart for the inner city. I have been challenged to believe that I can make an impact, and have been inspired to live out my faith in a more radical way.

SOAR Participant, 2011

Orientation: Be prepared. Your SOAR experience begins with three days of spiritual formation, team building, and ministry training. God will challenge and renew your heart as you worship, pray, and learn about the inner city. Allow yourself to be filled up with God’s spirit so that you can pour out in ministry. Read more.

Assignment: Be hands-on. Use your gifts to show God’s love as you serve. Your team will be partnered with a local church or ministry, and you will have the opportunity to participate in community transformation. Whether you run a kids program or help at a drop-in program, you will make an impact in people’s lives. Read more.

Debrief: Be mentored. This is a time to rest, worship, and reflect on your experiences. We’ll help you process what you learned, and prepare you to re-enter your home church as you continue living out God’s call on your everyday life. The stories you tell will bring the hope of what God is doing around the city! Read more.

  • English
  • Français

Program Details

Dates: April 7-15, 2017
Cost: $500

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