C0627 5n2 Community Development


Support the 5n2 Community Development office as they seek to train and support church members working in holistic ministries in areas such as health, education, peace, agriculture, micro-finance and social justice.

Country: Worldwide

Project #: C0627

Needed: $36,500 (USD)

When placed in the hands of Jesus, the offering of a young boy (five loaves and two fish) was used to feed 5,000 hungry people. In a similar way, we are engaging the vision, skills, and resourcefulness of people living in poverty to reach their developmental and ministry goals. We begin by asking the question, “What’s in your hand?” Then we challenge them to make it their starting point. Local leaders are trained to guide their communities through this process of Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD). As church communities recognize God’s unique calling and identify all their inherent resources, they are supported in a healthy and non-paternalistic way to achieve their goals.