Ouellette, Greg

Country: Western Canada

Greg is based in Canada serving in the following areas:
• Resourcing the Thailand-based Southeast Asia Regional Team
• Coordinating a strategy for integration of ESL with church planting
• Helping train up long-term church-planters through the Jornada program .

Project #: C0497
Home Church: Northview Community Church
Birthdates: Greg (December 21), Becky (March 7), Caleb (June 4, 1996), Emma (January 7, 1998), Luke (September 22, 2001), Silas (August 1, 2003)

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Prayer Requests:

  • For grace in our marriage and wisdom in discipling our kids to know and trust Jesus
  • For wisdom, discernment, and humility as I serve in the three areas listed above


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