Mark JH Klassen

Location: Western Canada
Position: Creative Director, Media
Project #: C0276

Phone: 866.964.7627

From 2005 to 2011, Mark served with MB Mission in India alongside his wife, Amy, and their three daughters. Upon returning to Canada, Mark began writing full-time with his own company, Namesake Writing, Inc. After two years of contracting writing services to MB Mission, Mark came on staff in October 2014 and stepped into the position of Creative Director for the media team. He works closely with Larry Neufeld (Lead Team, Media and Mobilization) and with fellow media specialists. These days, the Klassens live together on a small farm in Yarrow, BC. Mark has several hobbies, many of which involve the outdoors but none of which involve horses. He also has two middle names (“Jonathan Harvey”) and he uses them shamelessly to distinguish himself from all other Mark Klassens.

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