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Through the Trees

Watch “Through the Trees” for an in depth look at the Baergs’ work in Mongolia with Trees of Life Restoration.

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We shook our heads at the sight of thousands of dollars of sound equipment being loaded into the fragile canoes. It was crazy!

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Listening to the Word

Join Randy as he follows the Bible reading plan of the Life Journal and shares his reflections with you. Each entry includes three parts: a highlighted passage from the reading, a brief reflection, and a prayer. We trust that you will be inspired by the messages that God is speaking through his Word.

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Daily Prayer Guide



“God has been speaking to me through different passages in the Bible, reminding me that nothing is too hard for him! With this in mind, please pray for the future of our work here in this country, that God will show us his heart and the way to continue. Pray for a change in the hearts of those we contact; no one is so hard that God can’t reach them. Pray especially for Y, B and V, who have been with us for long time!”

I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me? - Jeremiah 32:27

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