Munday, Jamie & Leah

Country: Thailand

Jamie and Leah are working with indigenous leaders to develop locally empowered strategies for community development. With some learning and practical tools, these leaders are able to influence community transoformation in and around their churches. Their goal is to provide training and build a network of practitioners in Southeast Asia. Jamie will also be supporting and equipping various MB Mission development projects throughout the region.

Project #: C0177
Home Church: Capilano Christian Community, North Vancouver, BC

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Prayer Requests:

  • Pray that we would have energy and excitement to take on the challenges of moving to Thailand.
  • Pray that we would all enjoy learning the language and adapting to Thai culture.
  • Pray for physical, emotional and spiritual health for our family.
  • Pray that we would build strong and meaningful relationships with the Thai and Khmu people we are working with.
  • Pray for the work Jamie is doing as he aims to support grassroots development and build the capacity of indigenous leaders.

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