Hiebert, Doug & Deanna

Country: Burundi and Eastern Congo

Doug and Deanna are serving on a team in Burundi and eastern DR Congo, resourcing already existing churches and Christian ministries. In eastern DR Congo, the team is working with existing churches to build up leaders, disciple young adults and facilitate community development. In Burundi, the team is coming alongside local partners to minister to the Pygmy people. This includes sharing the Gospel, discipleship, health care, education, food security and housing.

Project #: C0692
Home Church: Cornerstone Community Church
Birthdates: Doug (November 4), Deanna (October 15), Madeline (February 14, 2005), Elise (April 24, 2007), Avery (February 17, 2010)

Prayer Requests:

  • For wisdom and favor as they work with church leaders from different countries
  • For a move of God’s Spirit in the churches
  • That God would bring transformation through His people and that Jesus be the center of their ministry, family, marriage and team
  • Discernment for the many ministry opportunities
  • For language and culture learning
  • For physical, emotional, and spiritual health for their family

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