Clark, Jason & Tifany

Country: Mexico

Jason and Tifany are serving with Robert and Anne Thiessen in Oaxaca, MX for their Jornada term. Robert and Anne are experienced church planters who will serve as mentors, equipping them with experience and skills, while working amongst the Animistic Mixtec people of southern Mexico.

Project #: C0689
Home Church:Birch Bay Bible Community Church, Blaine, WA
Birthdates: Jason (August 13), Tifany (July 22), Cayleb (November 3, 1998), Noah (September 9, 2000), Charity Ann (July 23, 2002), Sarah Rose (February 23, 2006)

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Prayer Requests:

  • For the Holy Spirit to empower us making enculturation and language learning quick and exciting during this first cross-cultural term.
  • That we will depend solely on God to prepare, equip and guide us during this time of ministry and training.
  • For the working of the Holy Spirit in the people we will be engaging in ministry for and with in Oaxaca.
  • For our family, so we can be effective witnesses of Christ’s love to others


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