Vision for Mission

Vision for Mission is a newsletter from Randy Friesen, General Director of MB Mission. Randy highlights recent worldwide stories and events that will help you build a vision for mission.

Laughter and Lament

I was listening to a local radio station as I jettisoned around my city when one of the show’s hosts beseeched his colleague to tell the “hilarious” story he had shared off-air with the entire populace.

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The New Normal

Recent terrorist attacks in France, Turkey and Germany, along with the attempted coup in Turkey all feel like the political and social shaking of the past year is only building.

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Two years ago, I was together with some other MB Mission leaders discussing and imagining what God might be doing globally and how we could join in what the Spirit was doing in our day.

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“Don’t cry over spilled milk.” This little English phrase must have been coined by a parent watching their child pour milk into a cup. When a child needs to pour their own milk, a parent can only watch with horror. The cup is off-center, the pitcher tremors, and the liquid is like a tsunami bursting onto a beach. Nothing in this scenario is ever “all in.” Inevitably the deed is done, and the child’s disappointment is not helped by a justifiable, “I told you so.”

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Physical slavery is prevalent around the world; it takes many forms. Individuals and people groups are in bondage. Guest speaker, Randy Friesen has seen the amazing power of the Gospel to bring freedom to the oppressed. In our own lives, we can find ourselves enslaved – to sin and to fear. How can we be free? Knowing who we are in Christ is vital to our freedom.
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