Wells of Faith

For weeks, Pastor Moe Aung lived in a mud bath. Every day he crawled down into a hole in the ground and dug with his hands. Twenty-five feet down and thousands of buckets of mud later, he hit an underground stream!

We had struggled for over a year to find enough water for drinking, bathing and crop irrigation on the farm in Myanmar. Because of God’s amazing grace and Pastor Moe Aung’s hard work and perseverance, we finally had water! Praise God!

God spoke to us through this, saying, “Keep digging wells of faith!” Romans 5:4 encouraged us that perseverance produces character, character produces hope, and that our hope in Jesus Christ would never disappoint us. Perseverance means doing something despite encountering difficulty, failure, or opposition. Perseverance brings hope, and the hope of the righteous ends in joy.

At the Lighthouse Training Center, as our team of church-planting interns hosted their first discipleship camp, that joy poured out in music just like the water pouring out of our new well. In hope we had brought drums, guitars and a piano to this farm in the middle of nowhere during the hottest season this country had ever known. Construction was still going on, we slept on hard wooden floors and food was at times limited to crickets and rice. No one complained; we were too full of joy.

On the last day of the camp, Ko Bo Gyi made a commitment to follow Jesus. He had been discipled by two interns on our farm for over a year. Just as digging the well took perseverance and time, so digging a well of faith in this Buddhist man’s heart had taken steadfastness and hope. With water drawn from the well Pastor Moe Aung had dug with his own hands in faith, Ko Bo Gyi was baptized.

Father God, thank you for all the new believers on the farm. May many more come to be baptized in the water springing up from this well of faith!

by Dave & Louise Sinclair-Peters