Rest for the Weary

Myomi had been hearing about God for 12 years, but nothing seemed to penetrate her heart. She listened, but her ears did not hear. Her eyes could not see and comprehend what God was doing in the lives of those around her.

Laurence and Leona Hiebert are church planters in Japan. They also teach English as a Second Language (ESL) as a means of outreach. For years, Leona has taught from the Bible to her ESL students after each class session. For years, she has watched Myomi sit in her chair and listen to Leona talk about God. Myomi never reacted to what she heard - until a crisis hit.

Myomi had a son whom she deeply loved. She was very proud of him, too. He was a good student and an obedient son. But at the age of 13, his demeanor changed. He fell into the wrong crowd. He started skipping school, getting in trouble with the law and not coming home at night. Myomi didn't understand what was happening, nor did she want to deal with what was happening. It was too difficult. Too overwhelming. And it was far too lonely. Her son wouldn't communicate with her and she didn't know what to do.

Beginning to fall into depression, Myomi knew she needed help. Due to the diligence of Leona continuing to tell her about God, Myomi decided to start looking for help at the Hiebert's church. She began attending in 2006, hoping to find strength to endure the crisis she was facing at home.

A part of her heart she hadn't known existed had just been torn open, vulnerable and raw. She began desperately searching for healing. In the words of Leona, "She started doing everything! [She was] coming to church, reading the Bible [and] asking lots of questions about her own spiritual journey."

God used Leona to exemplify His patient persistence and healing strength. A year after Myomi began seeking inner Peace through God, she became a Christian. Now, she has fallen in love with the presence and Word of God. Her Bible is filled with little, multi-coloured post-it notes marking passages that have become significant to her. Every time she learns something about God, she wants to make note of it. She marks the passages in her Bible and then writes them in traditional Japanese calligraphy. She then posts these artfully written words of God all over her house, many having made their way into the church as well.

Myomi is cherishing God's word, finding strength and peace in it. His healing comfort is encouraging her in a way she has never experienced before and it is beginning to spread to those around her. Many who are not Christian come through the church doors for English classes. They see Bible verses that have greatly impacted Myomi written in beautiful calligraphy all over the walls. Her life is a testimony of God's healing power.

Her life is a testimony to her son as well. He is living back at home and everywhere he looks, he is confronted with the patiently persistent words of a God who longs to comfort and heal those with hurting hearts.

"Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest."
Matthew 11: 28