No Coincidences

We watched with heavy hearts when the camp where our Cambodian friends lived was torn down. The condo project for which they had provided labor was completed, and within a day they were gone.

We did not even have time for a proper goodbye or send-off at church for them. As with many migrant workers, they lived at the whim of their Thai foremen and contractors who frequently moved them around.

Now, five years later, as I was leaving the house, I noticed two children going through our trash. Looking at their faces, I could not believe my eyes. These were the young Cambodian children that used to come to every one of our kid’s clubs and church services! Their faces broke into huge grins as we laughed and reminisced together. We found out that, after their last construction project, they had been sent back to work in our area – in fact, only one street over from our subdivision! There are no coincidences with God; only he could have orchestrated this.

I quickly went to their new camp and enjoyed a sweet reunion with these families who had once made up our Cambodian church. I prayed and asked their new Thai foreman if we could host classes on their site in basic English, Thai, Bible and Mathematics. These children had never attended any school in their lives. Although I was routinely turned down when I made these requests, this time the foreman said yes! We were thrilled, but hardly surprised. It was no coincidence!

By Karen Huebert-Sanchez, Thailand