He'll Never Stop

We first met Rose and her three-year old daughter begging in the streets, almost eight years ago.

After that, we often invited her in to give her food, wash her clothing, and allow her to shower. Again and again we tried to reach out to her with the love of God.

We also tried desperately to get her into a rehabilitation program for her alcoholism. But things went from bad to worse in Rose’s life. The police and district social workers took her daughter away from her and placed her in a government orphanage. Three times Rose attempted to go through a rehabilitation program, and three times she dropped out and returned to her life on the street. Many times we had no idea where she was, or even if she was still alive.

And yet whenever we prayed for Rose and asked the Lord if we were still supposed to reach out to her, we would randomly meet her on the street or she would suddenly show up on our doorstep. Even after we moved, we would pray and God would put her in our path. God had not stopped loving her; neither would we. One day when we met her on the street, I hugged her and said, “Rose, God loves you. He’ll never stop loving you. He has hope and a future for your life.”

Months later we found out that she had put herself back into the rehabilitation program. This time she stayed in the program, and her life truly began to change. She has since been granted visiting rights at last to see her daughter, and has taken the step of being baptized!

Please pray that God will protect Rose and help her continue to walk in freedom and with faith in God’s unfailing love.

by R & M B