Asking in Faith

The Brazil TREK team, who spent 7 months serving in Sao Paulo, ventured to the south of Brazil for the month of January to take part in a mission trip with 70 other Brazilian youth. During that month they lived and breathed the Portuguese language. Often completely unaware of what was being said around them, this dedicated TREK team put forth their best efforts to fully engage in relationship and make the most of the time on their ministry trip to the south.

With four days left the TREK team got together after being split apart for the month long trip. They talked about their challenges and feelings of frustration from the difficulty in communicating, praying that God would use them in their last few days. In faith, they asked God to give them someone to minister to in English.

The next day one of the ladies, who is a cook at the church, told the team that her daughter spoke English and wanted to come by and practice her speaking skills with them. After meeting, the daughter invited the team over to her house. They engaged in small talk and built rapport for about an hour, after which they started asking her if she went to the same church as her mom. She answered no, and said that she used to have faith, but in recent years had become disillusioned with the church.

For an hour they shared with her what they were doing in Brazil, why they had traveled south, and what was going on in their lives. They encouraged her and gave her some scriptures, and then invited her to a service that evening at the church. That night after the service she told them, “I think God sent you to me. You are my angels.”

She then told to the team about an English speaking friend she had that she wanted the TREKers to meet. The next day they sought out this man at his business. They talked about family until the conversation transitioned to spiritual things. This man was a Catholic, though not practicing, so he attended church only on major holidays. He said that he believed in Jesus, but the conversation didn’t go much further, as he began to change the subject. The team gave him some scriptures, and as they got up to leave, team member Matt Dirks asked him if he had a Bible. He replied no, and so Matt gave him one, bookmarking the book of Mark and suggesting that he start there.

The man invited the group to come play soccer with them that night, but since it was their last church service of the mission trip, the team had to decline. Disheartened that they would not see this man at church, they left praying that God would continue to work in his life.

When the service ended that night the TREKers looked back and saw their new friend leaning against the building. He told them that when he finished his game he decided to come to church. He had a hard time finding the building because many of the roads were blocked, but he just followed the sound of the worshippers.

The team learned that he had already started reading the Bible and was a couple chapters into Mark. The Holy Spirit was at work in his heart, and this man told the TREKers that he felt God was urging him to go to church and bring his family as well! “I haven’t made time for God, and I think God wants my time now.” Again, just like his friend, this man told the team, “I believe God sent you to me.”

God encouraged that TREK team and showed them He was more than willing to answer their prayers. May they continue to ask boldly and confidently that God’s will be done, and may those two English speakers continue in their journey toward knowing God!

The Next Step: God longs to partner with you to further His Kingdom. What is He waiting for you to ask Him for? Like the TREKers, it might be the chance to share you faith.

“This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us – whatever we ask – we know that we have what we asked of Him.” – 1 John 5:14-15