God is transforming lives in mission and we would like to share these stories of transformation with you. Read about God's work in the stories from our missionaries and short term mission teams.

During my ACTION (short-term) mission experience in Brazil, I received incredible hospitality. Although the Brazilians spoke Portuguese, they never hesitated to hug us and invite us into their homes – even before they knew our names. They did everything they could to make us feel like we were family, pouring out their love into our team.

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White, paper lanterns burst with firelight as they float Bang Saen’s darkening sky – Loi Krathong Festival has begun. The ocean tide washes over our feet as we watch the festival lights illuminate the faces of those who believe their sins disappear with the release of their 50 Baht ($1) lanterns.

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It took our ACTION team three taxis and an hour of weaving through busy Kinshasa streets to reach the church we were to attend that evening. We entered a room with stone walls, large gaps in the ceiling and wooden benches. This was definitely not a North American church!

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“This boy must have met with a miracle!”

The doctor looked at Golf* in disbelief. He was completely shocked at the transformation and healing that had taken place in this young boy’s body over the past year.

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How do you respond when disaster strikes your friends or family? The recent earthquakes and tsunamis that pummeled Japan were devastating for millions of children, men and women. Yet, for Wendy Eros, MB missionary to Japan, they were also an opportunity…

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I recently heard the amazing story of Laa, a Burmese woman from one of our MB church plants in central Thailand. Laa came to church for the first time to ask for prayer for her 18-year-old son, Niw, who had been trapped out at sea on a fishing boat for the past three years. Many poor Burmese youth are lured into working on fishing boats with the promise of making good money, only to be held as slaves with no hope of escaping.

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Yukari is an ESL student we have befriended through outreach classes provided by Fujigaoka Christ Church, an MB Church in Nagoya City, Japan. Yukari’s in-laws live in the Iwate area, one of the hardest hit by the recent disaster in Japan. She still has not heard whether her family members are alive. Sadly, it’s doubtful they will ever be found, as the family’s whole town was obliterated by the tsunami.

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I was recently in discussions with other MB leaders regarding the purpose of our large family of churches. Why are we connected? For over 100 years we have been living on mission, sharing and living the gospel where people have not yet heard. We have planted churches in places like Burnaby, Bangalore, and Bogota.

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Rob and Judy Griffioen of Operation 2nd Wave team in Phuket, Thailand were having a time of praise and worship in their living room with their Thai neighbours when God orchestrated a divine appointment – one that began a chain reaction of spiritual activity!

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In Phuket, Thailand, children gather to learn English on Saturdays. But when Sunday rolls around, they come back to learn about Jesus. The Kids’ Club, run by Operation 2nd Wave – MB Mission’s church-planting follow up to the tsunami disaster relief – is a place where Thai children come to learn bible stories and sing songs about Jesus in their own language.

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