God is transforming lives in mission and we would like to share these stories of transformation with you. Read about God's work in the stories from our missionaries and short term mission teams.

Our TREK team first noticed Irene sitting on a bench at a youth day we hosted. She had a flip flop tied to each of her severely deformed clubbed feet. One of her hands only had one finger. She moved slowly and painfully with the help of her niece. Both feet were twisted in opposing directions. She sat patiently on the sidelines while the others ran, ate, sang and played games. Our hearts broke for her.

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In Tlaxiaco, Mexico, Alejandro and Sayra lead a team of Mexican missionaries committed to reaching unreached Mixtecos in Oaxaca and Guerrero. New team members attend three months of training before being placed in nearby Mixteco communities for a six month practicum and then moving long-term to live with an unreached people group, learn the language and call people to Christ.

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Our TREK team is living in Kinshasa, DR Congo – a city of 10 million people. Everyone around us knows where the “five Canadians” are staying. They take note when we come and go. They know where we buy our food. They know all of our routines. It is very uncommon to see other Caucasian people in this area, unless they are driving in their private or company vehicles, driving in and out of secured locations and gated houses.

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Our TREK (10-month) team walked by the train station every day on our way to Hope Center Church. We quickly got in the habit of stopping for a drink and meal. I remember the first morning I met Knot and Goi, who own the coffee shop in the station. I had been trying to order food ‘to-go’ from a nearby vendor. When you’ve only been learning Thai for a few weeks, ordering food successfully is a major challenge! This particular morning was a flop. The vendor called others over one by one to see if anyone could understand me. Eventually, I’d met all the vendors at the train station!

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During my ACTION (short-term) mission experience in Brazil, I received incredible hospitality. Although the Brazilians spoke Portuguese, they never hesitated to hug us and invite us into their homes – even before they knew our names. They did everything they could to make us feel like we were family, pouring out their love into our team.

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White, paper lanterns burst with firelight as they float Bang Saen’s darkening sky – Loi Krathong Festival has begun. The ocean tide washes over our feet as we watch the festival lights illuminate the faces of those who believe their sins disappear with the release of their 50 Baht ($1) lanterns.

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It took our ACTION team three taxis and an hour of weaving through busy Kinshasa streets to reach the church we were to attend that evening. We entered a room with stone walls, large gaps in the ceiling and wooden benches. This was definitely not a North American church!

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“This boy must have met with a miracle!”

The doctor looked at Golf* in disbelief. He was completely shocked at the transformation and healing that had taken place in this young boy’s body over the past year.

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How do you respond when disaster strikes your friends or family? The recent earthquakes and tsunamis that pummeled Japan were devastating for millions of children, men and women. Yet, for Wendy Eros, MB missionary to Japan, they were also an opportunity…

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I recently heard the amazing story of Laa, a Burmese woman from one of our MB church plants in central Thailand. Laa came to church for the first time to ask for prayer for her 18-year-old son, Niw, who had been trapped out at sea on a fishing boat for the past three years. Many poor Burmese youth are lured into working on fishing boats with the promise of making good money, only to be held as slaves with no hope of escaping.

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