God is transforming lives in mission and we would like to share these stories of transformation with you. Read about God's work in the stories from our missionaries and short term mission teams.

David was shy, until he scored his first goal.

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Spending time at my regular spot at the local café had come to feel as though I were standing at my mission post.

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“God sent me to jail, to save me.” Chava’s smile accentuates the deep scar that encircles his face. “But I didn’t want to be saved. I wanted to be feared.”

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Malee forced herself to sit up, at exactly 11:30 AM. The house was quiet and still. Weak and shaking, she stretched out her open hands, as if ready to receive a gift.

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The last time I saw my mom, she tried to sell me. The man was old, and disgusting, and I took off running. I never went back.

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When I first met César, I interpreted his easy going demeanor as meaning that he had led an easy life. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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We shook our heads at the sight of thousands of dollars of sound equipment being loaded into the fragile canoes. It was crazy!

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Cory and Masami Giesbrecht are ministering on the streets of downtown Osaka, bringing groups from the Ishibashi church to reach the hurting and the homeless.

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She stood alone on the side of the beautiful mountain road. Pastors Isaiah and Moe Aung were on their way to a region of small Chin villages, and seeing the girl hitchhiking, they stopped to offer her a ride.

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In a small hospital in Thailand, a woman named Gift was losing hope as she stood beside her husband’s bed in the cancer ward. He was dying. The couple had two young children and she didn’t know what would happen if he didn’t recover.

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