God is transforming lives in mission and we would like to share these stories of transformation with you. Read about God's work in the stories from our missionaries and short term mission teams.

We had been in Bang Chalong for months, and while we clearly felt God leading us to serve there, I often faced many feelings of inadequacy.

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Fifteen years ago, in 2002, we were preparing to leave Colombia to begin our ministry with the indigenous Wounaan people of Panama.

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In my head, I knew God was in charge, but it didn’t feel that way. I knew I should be caring for others, but I was unable to do anything. I just waited for the house to stop shaking.

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What do the Royal wedding, a traditional Wounaan wedding and a school dance have in common? They have all taught me about parenting.

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She survived by begging. Begging for money, scrounging for food, hopeless and hungry. Pelagie had no dreams in life, except to survive.

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It was December, and we had just gone downtown with two of our fellow workers in order to do evangelism with the prostitutes. It was there that we first met Bomb.

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David was shy, until he scored his first goal.

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Spending time at my regular spot at the local café had come to feel as though I were standing at my mission post.

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“God sent me to jail, to save me.” Chava’s smile accentuates the deep scar that encircles his face. “But I didn’t want to be saved. I wanted to be feared.”

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Malee forced herself to sit up, at exactly 11:30 AM. The house was quiet and still. Weak and shaking, she stretched out her open hands, as if ready to receive a gift.

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