Nurse Consultation

Qian Qian's mother had never let her heart hope that her baby might be healed.

And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

Micah 6:8

Lack of healthcare leaves many families and communities devastated by diseases that could be prevented. Children, teens and adults suffer illnesses, deformities and serious symptoms that could be treated with appropriate medicine. Often, families live thousands of kilometres away from any trained health professional.

Partner with MB Mission as we seek to build healthy communities by providing access to medical care. With your help, we will see spiritual transformation as local church members share Christ’s love in tangible ways through critical health care.

Walking down a crowded street in Asia, Marilyn* saw a woman with an eight-month old baby on her lap. The child had an unrepaired cleft lip. The mother sat begging on a brown, burlap sack. Random coins had been tossed around her. Beside her lay a blanket, a wet diaper and some garbage.

Marilyn stopped to slip some money into the mother’s calloused hands. As she turned to walk away, the Spirit prompted her to show compassion. “I couldn’t take another step,” Marilyn remembers. “I was convinced that the Holy Spirit wanted me to be a conduit of his love right there.”

Marilyn learned that baby Qian Qian had never seen a doctor and the father had abandoned the mother when he saw his newborn son’s deformity. She had never let her heart hope that her baby might be healed. As Marilyn touched them both and prayed for them, asking God to show them mercy, the mother began to sob.

Later, God provided the necessary translators, doctors and funds to repair the cleft lip of baby Qian Qian. Mother and son began the road to physical and emotional healing as they reunited with the father and his family!

What’s equally amazing is that God led Marilyn to a woman who lived near Qian Qian’s countryside home. This woman was a Christian, and she spoke the local dialect! The family and villagers wanted to know why thay had received such mercy. This is how they first heard about Christ.

*Name of MB Mission long-term worker has been changed.

Your support can transform the life of a child like Qian Qian.