What is the Blended Funding Model

MB Mission uses a Blended Model that includes both Relational (giving to a specific project) and Undesignated (giving to the general fund to be used where needed most ) funding.

For many years, MB churches in North America have given generously to support God’s worldwide ministry through MB Mission. The historic funding model has been that MB churches give undesignated funds out of which all MB Mission projects and personnel, both missionaries and administration staff, are supported. The amount given by the churches was based on a suggested amount per member.

MB Mission is still encouraging churches to give according the suggested amount of $100 per member annually. However, during recent years people within MB churches have been less inclined to give toward undesignated funding. This trend is reflected in a wide variety of financial matters in our churches as well as in our society. It has become a strong cultural value today that people identify and be relationally linked to what they are contributing to financially.

In response to this value, MB Mission has recently adopted a blended funding model which includes relational giving. At the US MB Conventions in 2004, this new model was affirmed by the constituency and is presently being implemented.

The relational funding model is a blended model allowing for both undesignated and relational giving. Churches may wish to designate a portion of their giving toward specific missionaries or projects. Relational funding is designed to strengthen the relationship between missionaries serving with MB Mission and the MB churches which support them – especially when funding new missionaries from their own church or district/region.

Churches are also encouraged to continue to give undesignated gifts. Together as a denomination, we are committed to doing many exciting things. These gifts are used to support:

  • A portion of the training cost of new missionaries.
  • New mission work in places like North Africa and North India.
  • Missionaries who have not yet reached full relational funding.
  • Projects in countries like India, Congo, Lithuania and Germany that extend the mission of the church.
  • International Missionaries that have been sent by other MB Conferences like Colombia and Congo to serve in MB Mission Church planting teams outside of their home country.
  • A portion of the North America global dispatch staff team.

We want to embrace both the churches who desire to give undesignated funds and the churches who wish to add relational giving patterns. Without the flexibility of relational giving, we would have been unable to send out many of the new missionaries. Without the ongoing undesignated giving of churches, we would not have the resources to continue existing project commitments, support missionaries being sent by other MB conferences, or support our NA global dispatch team.

Thank you for your ongoing support of God’s work through MB Mission. Your Regional Mobilizer is equipped to further resource you with additional information, contact them by calling 1-888-866-6267 or email reception@mbmission.org.