One of the attractive concepts of DMI is the fact there is not any material you have to memorize, no books to study, no classroom work. You will need to write your testimony and return with the application. We will provde you with an information booklet and registration forms. Included in the information booklet will be "a home visit presentation outline". This you will be expected to review and become somewhat familiar with as it will be used daily in the field. You will have a copy of the presentation with you at all times as you go door to door so you do not have to memorize the presentation.

On site is where the bulk of training takes place. You will meet with all of the local pastors and all of the church volunteers(partners). There will be instruction for the door to door campaign.(most time here). You will be introduced to your church and any members  present.This time usually takes any were from one half to three quarters of a day.