The church in Lithuania is growing and is increasingly made up of first-generation Christians. There is an urgent need for teaching, prayer, and ministry of the Bible. A network of young Lithuanian churches officially became part of the International Community of MB churches in 2014. Within Lithuanian society, there is still some resistance to new religious groups, such as the new churches being planted. The churches are often perceived as a sect that cannot be trusted.

MB Mission is engaged in leadership training through Lithuania Christian College (LCC) and Evangelical Bible Institute, social ministry to youth from troubled homes, and church planting with the Free Christian Church of Lithuania.

Please pray:

• For young leaders to grow in their faith, in prayer, and in hunger for the word of God

• For gifted leaders and teachers who can resource training centers like Lithuania Christian College and the Evangelical Bible Institute

• That believers will impact the spiritual and social transformation of their local communities

Lithuania Church Planting Training Lithuanian Pastors Ministry to At-Risk Children