After a twenty-seven-year civil war that ended in 2002, Angola is still experiencing the devastating effects of the conflict. In spite of challenges, believers are actively rebuilding the country and their lives. The Angolan MB Conference is growing as national workers reach out to their communities with the Gospel and a message of justice and peace.


There is a deep spiritual hunger in Austria and people are searching for a more personal faith experience. Seventy-five percent of Austrians call themselves Christians, but eighty percent have been involved in the occult and only three percent of the younger generation attends church. Evangelical churches are small and few in number and pastors for these congregations are needed. The vision for our Austrian churches is to see strong, motivated and spiritually-vibrant national leaders rise up to serve.


Most Brazilians are spiritually open-minded and would consider themselves Catholic by birth, but not in practice. Many do not know Jesus personally and have yet to experience the life and joy that he offers to all. MB Mission partners with the Brazilian MB Church by providing leadership training for emerging church plants and assisting programs that serve underprivileged children.


Burkina Faso

Although the majority religion in Burkina Faso is Islam, MB Mission workers and partners are seeing the fruit of many years of faithful work in Scripture translation. They are preaching the Gospel and planting churches among an unreached people group called the Nanerige. Many are coming to faith in Jesus and spreading the Good News among their own communities.


After over 400 years of conflict between the Tutsi and Hutu tribes, a treaty between the warring tribes in 2000 has yielded much peace for Burundi. However, Burundi remains one of the world's poorest nations, with the vast majority of people living below the poverty line. MB Mission workers in Burundi are working with the Batwa people - a Pygmy group that is socially marginalized and oppressed - by sharing the Good News and meeting physical needs.


The church in Colombia is growing rapidly and young leaders are emerging. The training and discipling of these leaders is a key for the church to be a bright light amidst a society seeking true peace. MB Mission works alongside local churches and the Colombian MB Conference through outreach to displaced people, leadership scholarships, short-term mission projects, and sending Colombian missionaries to other countries.


Democratic Republic of Congo

The MB church in DR Congo was started just over 100 years ago with missionaries arriving from North America. Despite seasons of violence and unrest in the region, the church continues to grow with more than 85,000 believers and 650 congregations. Today, the challenge is to train leaders who will model godliness and provide sound teaching. MB Mission is involved in providing bursaries for Bible School students and offering training seminars in leadership and community development.


East Asia

The Church in East Asia has expanded rapidly in the past twenty-five years, but there are still many people in this part of the world that have never heard the Gospel. The truth of Jesus Christ is needed as many people are seeking answers. Discipleship and leadership training are also key needs for this young, growing church so that more churches can be planted and people can be reached with the Good News.

Information on MB Mission workers in sensitive regions is not listed on the website for security reasons. For questions, contact the MB Mission office at 1-866-964-7627 or email our office.


With a growing population of North African immigrants, French society has become increasingly polarized between secularism and Islam. MB Mission workers in France are partnering with local believers in evangelistic outreach through various means including multi-media ministry and French literacy classes for new immigrants. Despite certain reports that people in France are closed to the Gospel, our workers are regularly giving testimonies about people who are hungry for truth and for the reality of spiritual transformation.



Germany is in need of spiritual renewal. It is now considered a post-Christian nation. Along with this, there are a growing number of immigrants coming from all over the world to cities like Berlin. This is giving the church in Germany new opportunities to preach the Gospel to people who have never heard it. 


MB Mission continues to build on a strong foundation of over 100 years of ministry in India. While there is a strong MB Conference in South India, there are more unreached people groups in North India than anywhere else in the world. National and international missionaries are reaching out to people in North India who have never heard the Gospel.



Less than a half percent of people in Japan would call themselves Christians. Although Japan is a highly developed country, it has been hit by economic recession during the last two decades, leaving many people without hope and direction. Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in the world. MB Mission workers in Japan are serving alongside local MB churches in outreach initiatives, especially through teaching English as a second language.



The church in Lithuania is growing and is increasingly made up of first-generation Christians. There is an urgent need for teaching, prayer, and ministry of the Bible. A network of young Lithuanian churches officially became part of the International Community of MB churches in 2014. Within Lithuanian society, there is still some resistance to new religious groups, such as the new churches being planted. The churches are often perceived as a sect that cannot be trusted.

MB Mission is engaged in leadership training through Lithuania Christian College (LCC) and Evangelical Bible Institute, social ministry to youth from troubled homes, and church planting with the Free Christian Church of Lithuania.


Malawi is experiencing new political stability after many years of struggling economically. Although eighty percent of the population is Christian, elements of tribal religions and folk Islam are still prominent in the lives of many people. MB Mission supports a network of churches in Malawi by providing scholarships, leadership training, and resources for income-generating business.


God is at work in Mexico and the church has steadily been growing over the last fifty years. As the church has grown, so has its understanding that it is to be a church on a mission – reaching out to fellow Mexicans and also reaching out to all nations. MB Mission workers are spreading the Good News by planting churches, discipling believers and training leaders in Guadalajara and among the Mixtec peoples of southern Mexico.


After seventy years of Communist rule, Mongolia has been experiencing democratic freedom for almost thirty years now. The church has been growing, but the vast majority of Mongolians would consider themselves Buddhists or secularists. About half of the entire population lives in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city, and the other half live as nomads and herdsmen throughout the countryside. MB Mission workers are involved with a rural community development project in northern Mongolia that focuses on agriculture and permaculture development as they share the Gospel with people in the surrounding communities.

N Africa

North Africa is home to many people groups who have never heard about Jesus. It is very challenging to be a Christian in this context as believers frequently face persecution for their faith. Through radio, television, the internet, and printed materials, MB Mission is involved in the evangelism and ongoing discipleship of Arabic-speaking faith communities in this region and around the world.

Information on MB Mission workers in sensitive regions is not listed on the website for security reasons. For questions, contact the MB Mission office at 1-866-964-7627 or email our office.



In Panama, our team works primarily among two indigenous people groups: the Wounaan and the Embera. Less than one percent of these people groups would testify to a living relationship with Jesus. In these small churches, there is a need for leadership training and for discipleship among the younger believers.


Paraguay is home to unreached indigenous groups who are in need of the Good News. Our primary areas of mission in Paraguay are among these groups as well as the Spanish and German speaking MB Conferences. At the Indian Bible Institute, indigenous people are being trained as church planters and leaders so that they can serve in their home communities.


With nearly fifty indigenous ethnic groups, Peru is a nation of vibrant and rich cultural diversity. MB Mission is excited to see the growing maturity of the MB Conference in Peru. Members from various congregations are planting daughter churches and starting ministries of their own among the marginalized. MB Mission workers are partnering with the MB Conference in Peru by supporting and training leaders for ministry.



There is a growing renewal movement in the nation and many people are finding hope and transformation in the Gospel. Even so, there is still much work to be done in the Philippines. MB Mission is working alongside a small group of local church plants by sending short-term teams to support their work. This network of churches is an emerging MB conference and has recently received teaching and leadership training from its international partners and MB Mission's regional team.



Portugal continues to feel the impact of the economic downturn of 2011, but confidence in the financial markets is slowly being rebuilt. Churches have responded to the unemployment and financial instability by helping those in need. Through demonstrations of love, Christians have been a light and a witness to the surrounding community. MB Mission workers serve with several church plants and are also involved in leadership training and mentoring.

SE Asia

The Church in Southeast Asia is quickly growing in the context of opposition and persecution. However, most villages remain unreached and many churches do not have a trained pastor. MB Mission workers are involved in training and equipping church leaders, as well as assisting churches with development projects to improve their communities and increase sustainability.

Information on MB Mission workers in sensitive regions is not listed on the website for security reasons. For questions, contact the MB Mission office at 1-866-964-7627 or email our office.


South Africa

Many pastors in South Africa have little education and some churches are still heavily influenced by traditional, animistic beliefs. There is a great need for solid Bible teaching and for the training of Christian leaders. MB Mission’s church plant in Durban is focused on ministry to youth and refugees in this city.


Thailand is a predominantly Buddhist nation. Many of the believers in Thailand have chosen to follow Christ in spite of opposition from their families and friends. MB Mission has a number of church-planting teams in various locations in Thailand involved in evangelism, social ministries, and leadership training.


Although Ukraine continues to experience political instability, the churches are growing and embracing their role of influence within society. MB Mission is involved in church planting through providing support and training to local pastors. Evelyn Wiens and her late husband, John, were overseeing some of this training as well as giving leadership to the New Hope Church and the New Hope Training Center. Their work is continuing as the Center provides orphans with a home and with vocational training.

There is urgent support needed for our churches who find themselves in the midst of the conflict. They are boldly sharing the love of Christ and the good news, to learn more of how you can be a part of this please read the following updates.


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