Community Development

Traditionally, development workers have engaged the poor with a simple question: “What do you need?”

At MB Mission, our approach begins with another question: “What do you have?”

We’re not denying that the poor have needs; we’re simply affirming that they also have resources. As we get to know the poor as people, we inevitably find that they have a wealth of assets (social, spiritual, cultural, physical, and intellectual) that may just be untapped and under-appreciated.

We’re convinced that meaningful interaction is the first step toward a community development process that is lasting and transformational.

We’re inspired by Jesus. On one occasion, as he stood before thousands of hungry people, he turned to those around him and asked them to offer what they had. As people gave from their resources, Jesus gave thanks to God and fed the entire crowd.

With Jesus as our source and guide, community development is an exciting enterprise that engages people and empowers them to meet the needs of those around them.

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Asset Based Community Development, helping communities turn on their own engines of creativity.